Model 28

Curly mountain maple in dark‑red finish, seasoned for over 20 years

Professional. Silver-plated mechanism, reaching down to sub-contra Bb, with keywork adapted for comfortable reach;

13 rollers: one each on C key (wing joint) and Eb key (wing joint), one each on F key, F# key for little finger, Ab key for little finger and Bb lever, two each on E key and F# key for thumb, one on Ab key for thumb, one each on low-C# and low-D# key;

Eb lever for first finger right hand, F# key for right little finger, adjustable rest for the index finger left hand, double Ab key, E-F#trill, long keys held by special support, infinitely adjustable spike, tuning slide, nylon-lined pivot screw keys with adjustable pivot screws in two parts (with lock-nuts)

Three-dimensionally adjustable handrest, with two lockable ball joints (one each in the base and in the wooden body) enabling the player to individually choose the angle as well as the distance between his right hand and the contrabassoon)