Model 36

Covered finger holes, full automatic

Silver plated mechanism, French fingerings reaching down to low B, double automatic octave keys in connection with half-hole key, 3rd octave key for high register, C and Bb to be played with each of the three fingers of right hand, closed forked F mechanism, long F key for left hand, F roller, low B-C# trill key, Ab-Bb trill, G#-A trill and D#-E trill, low B-C connection, resonance key for F and A, resonance key for balance of low B intonation

Made from grenadilla wood seasoned for over 20 years, our oboe d’amore fulfils the highest requirements of a sonorous tone, finest tuning and craftsmanship. 

Every detail of the Püchner Oboe d'amore reflects the quality and profound experience of Püchner’s craftsmanship: first class handcrafted quality in all aspects; the use of selected grenadilla wood, seasoned over 20 years, in the refined acoustic and expert musicianship.

The refined bocals are offered in various models and lengths.