Model Vega

Ergonomically re-designed and optimized

Ergonomically re-designed and optimized, we wish to present the new Püchner Oboe model VEGA, presented 2023

Made from grenadilla wood, seasoned for over 20 years.

Covered finger holes,
System Conservatoire, silver plated mechanism,
French fingerings reaching down to low Bb,
semi-automatic octave keys,

3rd octave key for high register,
C and Bb to be played with first finger right hand,
closed forked F mechanism,
long F key for left hand,
low B-C# trill key,
Ab-Bb trill, G#-A trill and D#-E trill,
resonance key for low Bb,
adjustable swivelling thumbrest,
soft shape bell

Adjustable swivelling thumbrest