Model Classic

Curly mountain maple in Classic Finish, seasoned for over 20 years


Professional. Silver-plated mechanism, automatic G ring key, high-D key, high-E key, E-F# trill, whisper-key mechanism operated on wing joint and self-acting from low-E key, whisper-key lock for left thumb, B and Bb keys on long joint held in by individual brackets;

Nine rollers – wing joint: on A key – boot joint: one each on F key and Ab key little finger, Bb key and F# key for thumb – long joint: one each on C# key and D# key, low-D key and low-C key

Five finger-holes and one tone-hole lined with sterling silver tubes extending into the bore, one tone-hole rubber-lined, wing-joint bore and small-side boot-joint bore rubber-lined, wide-side boot-joint bore partially rubber-lined