Fabio Cury performs André Mehmari's Suite Brasileira

Mehmari’s Suite Brasileira for Fábio Cury shows us a challenging and virtuosic character. Watch this lyrical and sentimental song inspired by the serenades of Brazilian choro ensembles.

Fabio Cury plays FREVO of André Mehmari Suite Brasileira

Fábio Cury performing FREVO, a typical extremely fast dance from Pernambuco, The origin of “frevo” means “ferver”, to “boil”. Indeed, this is boiling...

Fabio Cury performs André Mehmari's Waltz of the Suite Brasileira

Fábio Cury is captivating us with the energy of Brazilian waltzes defined by the typical sentimental romantic singer of Brazilian serenades. Fabio shows how to win your loved one.

Fabio Cury: Baião of André Mehmari's Suite Brasileira

The dance Baião from Northeastern Brazil shows Fabio’s endurance, breath and virtuosity. Enjoy the spirit of Mehmari’s last movement.

Fábio Cury performs André Mehmari

Fábio Cury performing André Mehmari: Concerto for bassoon, strings and harp (2009), mvmt 2 and 3, www.fabiocury.com